Leymar Healthcare is a friendly, locally managed Domiciliary provider that offers community homecare services to vulnerable adults; both young and the elderly, exclusively to the Ashfield area
(Kirkby and Sutton), Hucknall and surrounding areas.

At Leymar healthcare we understand how important our community is to our well-being and more so to the vulnerable adults. We also understand how apprehensive the idea of having people come to your house to look after you can be. To make it easier for you, we are the only home care provider to guarantee you that ALL our staff are local to the Ashfield area and each one of them is matched, designated and specifically trained to understand and meet your needs.

As the UK’s demand for care continues to grow, we strongly believe that home care quality shouldn’t be compromised as a result. As our client, you remain the most important part of our care design and we will never compromise on your Dignity, Respect, Integrity, Independence and Freedom of Choice. Leymar Healthcare will work with you, your family and other professionals involved to design a home care service package that fits in with your current routine.

Our Home Care and Support Plans are tailored to your specific needs encompassing the all-important 6 C’s:-

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We have seen our clients benefit tremendously by working with our staff who are all from the Ashfield area. They really look forward to their visits as they have a lot to share about their treasured community. Upon initial contact, a dedicated member of our Care At Home Team will support you right from your point of inquiry and throughout your homecare.

We work with vulnerable adults across all ages including Young Adults,
the Elderly, Adults with learning / physical disabilities and End of Life.

All our Domiciliary Care services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)