Assisting the Elderly in the Winter

Tips on helping your loved one through these winter months…


It seems that the winter has arrived in all its glory; frost, snow and a biting chill in the air. I look out of the window thinking that it looks beautiful with the white frosted bare tree branches, and the ground all glittery and white. My thoughts then turn to our older folks out there who look out of the window with disappointment and fear.

When the ground is icy or snow falls, many elderly people feel too unsafe to leave their homes. Being not so steady on their feet carries a risk of falling, and falling carries the risk of breaking bones or other injuries. This can mean that their food can run out, and the inability to get out and about will create feelings of isolation and loneliness which may then lead to depression.

Leymar Healthcare can provide help by going to the shops or help with attending appointments when our elderly customers feel too afraid to venture outside in these dangerous conditions. We are also a friendly smiling face to pop in and check that all is well, perhaps have a cuppa tea and a chat too.

Another important thing to consider about your elderly relative at this time of year is ensuring that not only do they keep warm, but keep warm safely. In most areas, your local Fire Brigade will offer a free home fire risk check service. Our Care and Support workers often arrange this for many of our elderly customers. It is also wise to have a carbon monoxide detector installed for those with gas.

Vitamin D can become deficient in the winter months, especially in the elderly. Vitamin D is normally gained through exposure to sunlight so therefore we all need to top it up in winter either through Vitamin D rich foods, or a dietary supplement.

Personal alarm pendants can be useful as they can raise the alarm if your elderly relative has a fall or needs emergency assistance.

Everyone in the community can keep an eye out for the elderly during winter.  We receive enquiries from friends and neighbours of elderly people who have noticed that some support is needed at this time of year. Our service is flexible so levels of support can be increased and decreased as desired.


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