Be a Friend to the Elderly

Many elderly people in the UK are lonely and isolated, here’s how you can help…..

Friends of the Elderly research has shown that 1 in 8 houses in the UK are home to a lonely, older person. 

Here are some easy ways for you to be a friend to an elderly neighbour or person in your community:-

Heading down to the shops?

If you are popping down to the shops to pick up a few bits, why not go and visit an elderly person that lives in your community and see if they need anything picking up.

Make an extra meal

If you are making yourself something for lunch or dinner, and you have extra left over, why not ask an elderly neighbour if they would like some.
This will open up communication between you and your neighbour and will be a very kind gesture.

Invite them for a cup of tea

If you have an hour spare, why not invite your neighbour round for a cup of tea?
Not only will this provide your neighbour with company and make them feel less lonely, but they may spend alot of time in their own home and enjoy getting out and seeing different surroundings.

Lend your neighbour a DVD or a book

If you have recently enjoyed a film, documentary or maybe a good book, and you think it this will be something an elderly person on your street, or local community, will enjoy, why not lend them a copy? It will provide your neighbour with an activity to do and provide you both with good conversation about the book/film.

If you both have the same taste in books or films, why not both join your local library so you can read/watch the same book/film at the same time and have your own film or book club?

Be a friend at the bus stop

If your waiting for a bus and you see an elderly person waiting there too, why not strike up a conversation?
Ask them about their lives and if they have anything nice planned for the day.

You’d be surprised at what a conversation and a small act of kindness can do for somebody who is feeling lonely, and how you can brighten their whole day.


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