Finding Patience; Later Years

Developed with experts from across the system, Finding Patience – The Later Years is a film that explores what makes good person-centred dementia care in care homes. The film follows the experiences of Patience and her family as she moves to a care home. It explores the challenges faced by care home staff and demonstrates what good quality patient-centred care looks like. 

There are a lot of transferrable skills that we can learn from this short film as Home Care Providers.

Finding Patience – The Later Years raises awareness of how dementia can affect people differently. It encourages health and care professionals to reflect on the care they provide and calls for the delivery of care to focus on the individual, not the disease. 

The Prime Ministers Challenge on Dementia 2020 states that “while many hospitals and care homes offer excellent support, some are not doing enough to provide high quality, personalised care that helps individuals to live as fulfilling a life as possible.”

Please watch and share; where Dementia is concerned, knowledge is key. We will never stop learning but the key thing is sharing what we learn to safely beat this awful disease.


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