How to Stop a Bad Mood

We all experience a bad mood now and then, it’s only natural. Here’s some tips on how to lift a bad mood…

You wake up and just feel grumpy. Maybe you didn’t get a good quality sleep? Perhaps you need to eat more mood boosting foods? Those are other things you can look at, but for now how about shifting that bad mood into a lighter, more contented feeling for the day ahead…

Go for a walk, jog or do some yoga

Going for a brisk walk, or a short jog can really lift that mood and help you feel better. Exercise releases endorphins which is a chemical in the brain that relieves pain. It also triggers a positive feeling. It’s why some people really like to take a run every morning.

If you prefer something more gentle, and indoors, then try a yoga session. You can do this by looking up a workout to suit you on YouTube. There are lots available.

Listen to music

Listening to music is a great way to lift your mood. Everyone is different here; some people like some energetic or fast music to work out that grumpy energy, whereas others prefer a gentle soothing sound to soothe their senses and gently lift away any negative energies.


No matter what your situation might be, there is always something that we can meditate a gratitude upon. Whether that’s the fact that we have easy access to clean and running water, we have food in the fridge, that we have a caring family or friends… or both. Gratitude, or the act of giving thanks helps us to focus on the more positive things in our life.

There have been many psychological studies on how gratitude can improve overall feelings of happiness. It works. So have a think about those good things in your life over a nice cuppa.

Have a shower or a relaxing bath

Wash away those grumpy feelings with a refreshing and vitalising shower. If you can, get some toiletries that contain some refreshing essential oils such as bergamot, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, or jasmine are all scents that can relieve a bad mood.

If you prefer a bath, run a nice hot bath, using salts, and any of the previously mentioned scents. Then just soak your troubles away.

Phone a friend

Calling a friend, or someone you chat with regularly can help. Simply saying ‘oh I’m in such a bad mood today!’ can often help you to feel better. Especially when you say it out loud, perhaps there isn’t anything in particular that’s made you grumpy. Sometimes, just a chat about it can help you to let it go and move on with your day.

Pamper your pets or walk the dog

Pets are wonderful companions. Giving your cat or dog some snuggles and attention can really help to release that bad mood.

Petting an animal reduces blood pressure, stroking a purring cat is very healing and soothing.

If you have a dog, take him or her for a walk, getting outside may help you to walk off that funky mood.


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