Ideal Gifts for an Elderly Relative

Buying a present for an elderly friend or relative can be challenging, here are some ideas to help…

What do you buy as a gift for older people? They already have most things they need, and in many cases have down sized to make life easier.

You tend to feel a bit boring buying them another scarf and they may already have shelves stacked with ornaments – or perhaps they’ve decluttered and are now down to the bare minimum.

Giving elderly loved ones the gift of time spent with them is a wonderful way to show you care. However, we still have the need to understand what we can buy our elders for Christmas, birthday, and other celebrations.

Here are some ideas you can try.

The gift of you

The gift of you means that you offer yourself as a companion, or service. So you might design your own voucher and be a bit creative with it, offering any of the following – perhaps all of them and let your loved one choose which one they use over a period of time:

  • Going shopping for new clothes
  • Household cleaning and organising
  • Read a favorite book or a new book aloud
  • Grocery shopping for a month
  • Transporting to a favorite social event
  • A day at a stately home or gardens
  • Afternoon cream tea outing

Gift Hampers

Hampers are a great thing to gift to an elderly relative. You can choose something that they really love. Hampers come in all sorts of varieties, and often come packed in some lovely baskets or boxes that they can then keep to put other things in. Hamper ideas include:

  • Chocolates
  • Wine and cheese
  • Fruit
  • Food cupboard hamper
  • Old fashioned sweets (great for reminiscence too)
  • Afternoon tea hamper
  • Gourmet foodie
  • Beauty/pampering

Dining out gift cards

For many older people, experiences are worth more than material objects, so a gift card to eat out at their favorite local restaurant can be a lovely idea.

It’s an opportunity to get dressed up. Even better if you make it a family outing and special occasion.

Theatre tickets

As mentioned above, experiences are a great thing to buy your elderly friend or relative. Perhaps they would enjoy a play, or a musical?

Maybe you can have some proactive conversations to find out what they prefer in advance of when you need to buy the gift.

Health spa day

Not many people wouldn’t like a health spa day where you can relax in a steam room, jacuzzi or mud bath. Having a facial, a massage, manicure or pedicure can be a really memorable and relaxing gift for your elderly loved one.

Audio books

These are great for someone whose eyesight is not so great. It means that you can enjoy a book, relaxed and no eye strain.

If your elderly loved one has a smartphone, or tablet then they can just plug in their headphones.

Audible offers a subscription service which means they could choose whatever they want so you might want to treat your loved one to that.

Games, jigsaws and puzzle books

These can be a wonderful gift for someone who likes to keep their mind active. Puzzles keep the brain healthy and you can get such a wide variety of them now.

Mindfulness colouring books for adults

You could gift them with a set of colouring pencils and a couple of adult colouring books. These are widely available now. The act of colouring in, serves as a meditation and relaxation therapy.

There are so many different colouring books to choose from, and if your loved one enjoys the activity then you will always be able to find a new colouring book to buy for them.


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