We all value our independence and there is no better place to enjoy that than in our own homes. Home is where the heart is; a place that’s full of memories that makes the thought of leaving, a very daunting experience

With Leymar healthcare Live in Care Service, we can help you continue to enjoy your home – your treasure; with the help of a Healthcare Assistant or Support Worker. Through a bespoke care plan, we can ensure that you continue to enjoy your independence and comfort.

In order to achieve this, we encourage our clients to be fully involved in development of their care plan to ensure that all their needs are met with every task, regular routine and specific needs.

You will have no reason not to watch your favourite TV programme, go for a walk, have your favourite meal or watch your garden change with the seasons in addition to other definite needs – they may be simple requests but at Leymar, we understand the effect they have on your welfare.

Our experienced staff work from the basis of a closely monitored and bespoke care plan as we strive to continually improve our practice. We strive to match carers to our clients so as to ensure that you form positive working relationships. so as to facilitate and meet your needs to your satisfaction.

24-Hour Care

We understand our clients who wish to have a member of our staff during the day and their total independence at night. We also understand that the lack of a spare room would make it impossible for us to support you through the night. That is why we introduced a 24-Hour care service that offers you help and support regardless of the circumstance.

Whatever the hour or need, our staff will always be available to ensure that the requirements of your bespoke care plan are fulfilled.